Upsolar 300 Watt Mono 6” PV Module 60 Cells

Upsolar 300 Watt Mono 6” PV Module 60 Cells


Upsolar provides exceptional product coverage for all modules to ensure our customers achieve superior long-term value from their solar installations. To further improve our product warranty, which covers unanticipated module damage, we’ve recently expanded our terms from a 10-year period to a 12-year period.


In addition, Upsolar offers a 25-year performance guarantee known as the Linear Module Warranty. Whereas traditional policies feature a single trigger point leading to drastic coverage reductions after just 10 years, Upsolar’s coverage more accurately corresponds to system performance, providing coverage for over 25-years.


Overall, our goal is to deliver not only top-notch modules, but also peace of mind, for decades to come.



  • High Mechanical Load: Certified to withstand high wind and snow loads up to 5400Pa
  • Outstanding Temperature Coefficients: Reduces power loss for solar modules operating in high temperature climates
  • Anti-reflective Surface: Increases the panel’s exposure and efficiency of converting sunlight into energy
  • High Efficiency & PERC: Monocrystalline cells (with the option of PERC) allows a higher yield
  • Excellent Low-Light Performance: Tier 1 certified solar cells allows better performance in low-light environments
  • Salt Mist and Ammonia Resistant: Certified by Bureau Veritas to withstand usage near coastal environments
  • PID resistant: Designed to minimise cell degradation in extreme environments


Electrical Characteristics:

Model: UP-M300M
Max Power Pm (Wp): 300
Max Power Voltage Vm (V): 32.0
Max Power Current Im (A): 9.38
Open-Circuit Voltage Voc (V): 40.7
Short-Circuit Current Isc (A): 9.70
Module Efficiency: 18.4%
Maximum System Voltage (V): 1000(IEC)/1000(UL), 1500(IEC)/1500(UL)
Power Tolerance: 0/+3%
Series Fuse Rating (A): 20A



Cells: Monocrystalline silicon solar cells 6” x 6” // 156 mm x 156 mm
Number of Cells: 60 (6 x 10)
Dimensions (in // mm): 64.57 x 39.06 x 1.38 //1640 x 992 x 35
Weight (lb // kg): 40.8 // 18.5


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