SF2 Solar Powered Irrigation Pump System

SF2 Solar Powered Irrigation Pump System

SKU: SF2-120

The Futurepump SF2 is a robust surface pump designed for smallholder farmers with shallow water sources, it can pump up to 1 litre per second of water using just the power of the sun.



At shallow heads, the Futurepump SF2 solar water pump can deliver up to 1 l/s, which is 3,600 l/hr (120W).

  • Inlet side vertical suction limit: 7 metres
  • Maximum total vertical lift: 15 metres
  • Horizontal discharge: 500m+



  • Maximum pump voltage: 60V DC
  • Maximum motor current: 5 amps DC
  • Piston diameter: 104mm
  • Inlet/outlets designed for 11/4 (32mm) pipe
  • Displacement volume per stroke: 150cm3
  • Normal flywheel RPM range: 100-250 rpm
  • 90mm pulley gear for 0–8m pumping heads
  • 50mm pulley gear for >8m pumping heads



Every Futurepump SF2 solar water pump includes remote performance monitoring at no extra cost.

  • Minute-by-minute monitoring of pump vital signs – technical data displayed on a web dashboard accessible to distributors
  • Monitoring of pump utilisation, including litres of water pumped, potential area irrigated, fuel savings, kWh produced
  • Pump geo-location tracking



The Futurepump SF2 solar water pump is compatible with:

  • Direct irrigation using a hosepipe
  • Sprinklers (available from Futurepump)
  • Drip
  • Overhead tanks



  • Pump weight: 19.5kg
  • Pump dimensions: 520mm x 530mm x 200mm
  • SF2 (80W) – Carton weight (incl 80W PV & suction pipe): 36.7kg; Carton dimensions: 580mm x 360mm x 740mm
  • SF2 (120W) – Two cartons: Pump – Carton weight 26 kg approx.; Carton dimensions: 550 x 250 x 550mm; Panels – Carton weight 22kg approx.; Carton dimensions: 710 x 500 x 180mm
  • Supplied with flexible inlet/suction pipe: Internal diameter of 31.8 mm, external diameter 38.8mm. 6000mm length



Toolkit: Three sizes of spanner, double ended screwdriver. Complete disassembly and reassembly possible with these tools

  • 3 x spare transmission belts
  • 3 x spare piston seals
  • 4 x adjustable hose clips
  • 2 x 11/4 inch pipe couplers
  • 2 x 11/4” ->11/2inchreducers
  • 1 x inlet filter/strainer
  • 1 x pack stuffing box graphite packing rope
  • 1 x complete set of spare o-ring seals



The Futurepump SF2 solar water pump is supplied with a full five-year warranty, which means, during that time, servicing and parts will be provided free of charge to our customers through our network of distribution partners.


The best support can be provided by warranty registration upon purchase via warranty.futurepump.com


The Futurepump SF2 solar water pump is manufactured in India by Futurepump in our factory which uses an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.


    Lagos, LA, Nigeria



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