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Schneider Electric Configuration Tool Kit

SKU: RNW865115501

The Conext Configuration Tool is used by system installers and its purpose is to simplify the task of system configuration and reduce installation time. It is a PC-based software tool that works on systems that include the Conext™ XW, Conext™ XW+, Conext™ SW and peripherals.

The Conext Configuration Tool is not meant to replace the Conext™ System Control Panel, Conext™ ComBox or any other monitoring devices. Those devices may still be required to monitor the Conext System and components.

The Configuration Tool allows the installer to perform the following functions:

  • System and device configuration
  • System logging
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Saving and Restoring configurations
  • Single inverter or multi-cluster configuration
  • Parameter adjustment, Voltage and Frequency
  • Compatible OS : Windows 7 , 8 and 10
  • Part number : 865 - 1155 - 01