Outback Power MATE3s


OutBack Power's new MATE3s display and controller offers advanced features for monitoring and controlling your OutBack Power system.  Remotely manage and monitor multiple inverter/chargers, and DC monitoring devices with this well designed controller.  The MATE3’s intuitive user interface and integrated system configuration wizard make programming and setup simple and straightforward. 


The OutBack MATE3s controller’s unique multi-level password feature allows you to secure critical system settings from unintended changes while still allowing open access to necessary functions.  A built-in clock and calendar function allows for detailed timer-based programming of inverter and charger operation.  Settings are stored in permanent memory to preserve settings in the event of system shutdown.


The MATE3s features full remote system monitoring via an easy-to-use web interface.  An SD memory card slot allows you to increase data logging capacity as well as upgrade units in the field.  Web connectivity is provided with an included CAT 5 network cable with RJ45 modular jack.


Features & Attributes

  • UL 1741 SA compliance
  • 80 MHz 32 bit microprocessor.
  • User-friendly interface with large graphical display.
  • 5 navigational keys & scroll wheel with intuitive menu structure.
  • SD memory card slot.
  • Internet enabled for remote monitoring
  • MPN: MATE3s

    Lagos, LA, Nigeria



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