Magnum Energy ME-RTR Router

Magnum Energy ME-RTR Router


The ME-RTR, or "router" provides parallel capability for the MS-PAE Series inverters and includes many of the same features as the ME-ARC advanced remote control. The ME-RTR is required to parallel Magnum MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter chargers.


The router is designed with a user-friendly LCD display and rotary SELECT knob that allows all connected MS-PAE series inverter/chargers to be programmed in sync without the need to program each inverter separately. The router can accommodate up toL four MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter/chargers in parallel, two AGS modules, six BMKs, and one remote control.


The router comes with four 6 ft. CAT 5 cables for parallel stacking that are required for installation.


Features & Attributes

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.6 × 2.4 × 3 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • LED indicators for inverter/charger, router, communication ports, and auxiliary relay
  • High quality LCD display: 20 x 4 line (80 characters total) alphanumeric display for setting up the inverter/charger operation, as well as viewing current status or fault messages
  • Two ON/OFF buttons for inverter and charger
  • PORT Button scrolls through the six communication and accessory ports and displays relevant information
  • CTRL Button is used to select inverter, charger, and AGS functions previously set up using the SETUP button
  • METER Button is used to access the ‘read only’ meters for DC, AC, AGS, and BMK
  • SETUP Button is used to access the setup menus for the inverter, charger, AGS, and BMK
  • TECH Button is used to access technical information, fault history, and to set a password for the SETUP button
  • Rotary/select knob used to scroll through and select various settings and options

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