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Grundfos RSI 3x380-440V IP66 5.5kW 12A - 99044351

SKU: 99044351

RSI 3x380-440V IP66 5.5kW 12A

Renewable Solar Inverter RSI is a sourced off-grid solar inverter to enable us to expand the family of solar submersible pumping systems. RSI is configured specifically to be compatible with 3 phase 400V SP submersible pumps. With the built-in MPPT and various protection software, it delivers an efficient and reliable renewable system solution.


Approvals and markings:    CE
Range of ambient temperature:    -10 .. 60 °C
Relative humidity:    100 %
Electrical data:
Rated power - P2:    5.5 kW
Phase:    3
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5):    IP66
Rated voltage output AC:    380 V
Voltage input DC:    800 V
Rated current output AC:    12 A
Udc:    400 V
Net weight:    8.8 kg
Gross weight:    9.8 kg