How to Care for Your Solar Energy Equipment

Now that solar energy is getting more commonplace, there are more questions about how to care for the equipment that comes with it. Fortunately, items such as solar panels and your solar deep cycle battery don't require a lot of maintenance. By correctly maintaining your equipment and knowing when to call for professional repairs, you'll help them last longer. Using solar is a great way to save money while reducing your reliance on non-renewable energy sources, caring for your equipment, helps you to save even more money.

Solar Panels Are Virtually Maintenance Free

The only maintenance that your solar panel needs are to get hosed off a couple of times per year. How often they need to get cleaned depends on the environment. If they are around a lot of trees or in a dusty area, they will require more frequent cleaning. You can expect your panels to last for decades.

Signs that Your Panels Need to get repaired

Panels do not often need repairs, but it's good to know the signs of solar panels that need repair.

  • Power is not consistent. You'll notice that it goes in and out.

  • You don't get as much energy as you once did.

  • You detect broken glass on the casings.

  • You receive an error message on the box.

These are all signs that it's time to call for a repair. Soon you'll be back up to full power, where you should be.

The Deep Cycle Battery Needs Love Too

It's not just the panels that need a bit of TLC. Your deep cycle battery needs some maintenance as well. By taking care of the battery regularly, you'll extend its life. Clean the leads from time to time to prevent corrosion. Make sure that your voltage set points are at the right voltage for your battery. Refill flooded acid-lead batteries every couple of weeks. Be sure that you're using distilled water when you fill them. These batteries have an outstanding job, make sure you take care of them, so they can continue taking care of your home.

Solar power does a lot for your home, and the equipment that runs it requires very little care. The small amount of attention that it does need is well worth the effort. Without panels and batteries, you'd get left in the dark. Keep your solar panels clean, and your battery charged and filled, as recommended by the manufacturer, then sit back and enjoy what the sun gives you.

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